Welcome to my Ojai World


#TheOjaiWay Real estate your way.

Ojai is a lovely community, nestled against the hills of the Los Padres National Forest, home to Chumash Indians and a hideaway retreat for Hollywood in the 1940's.  Its steeped in history and mystery.  A great place to explore nature, the spiritual journey, art, music, food and more.

Welcome to my world.  I am happy to share my journey of exploration and discovery.  I have been a resident since I was a teenager.  Brought here kicking and screaming, leaving my city life and friends, I thought I had been banished to the far ends of the earth, my Catholic upbringing equating it to purgatory.  Entering high school I found myself thrown in to a new world.  It opened my eyes and my life.

I became aware of nature, the seasons of life, of the night sounds of crickets, the hoot of owl, and the cry of the coyote.

The terrain was different from the city scape and urban sprawl that I was used to.

 The Mediterranean climate, the chaparral, fragrance of sage brush,(cowboy perfume) gracious oak trees, orange groves with an abundance of golden sweet fruit, mountains with names and faces like "Chief Peak", and the lore of the Chumash, the scary tale of Charman, the spiritual teachings of Krishnamurti, the art of Beatrice Wood, the food of Alan Hooker, founder of The Ranch House Resturant, the hot springs in Matilija,  nature walks, fine art galleries, a groovy art center with classes, music, yoga and so much more.  I would love to share my town and its colorful past and present with you.