The Sky is Falling

Mini is racing toward me dodging raindrops, telling me all about the rumble and boom and flashing lights in chicken talk. Yes, thunder and lightning and a whisper of rain.

The air feels cool and animals feel the storm coming. Pete, my toy poodle is not taking his eyes off me as I feed the girls they're morning grain.

Betty is staying put in the hen house. No drama for her, she knows when it's a good day to curl up stay in bed and watch the show in safety.

Back in the house the storm arrives with a bang, my windows rock and then flash... That one was close!

Soon the storm will pass and Ojai will be boasting rainbows soon! Enjoy the moment.


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Social Media Egg laying

Social Media Egg laying

Cloudy skies this morning and a back that is making me wince as I make my way out to feed my chickens Betty and Mini.

I call them my girls...I found a little gift... Mini laid an egg! After all the squawking and fluttering finally arrived.

Mini’s first egg, its light brown, smallish, a perfectly formed oval. I found it in the garden. It made me think of other egg laying we/me/us...all of us individually and collectively lay eggs, on occasion.

My own egg, laying, egg on face learning curve as I zig and zag through the world of Social Media posting is a testament to that...

Coffee and Contemplation, My Morning Ritual

Coffee and Contemplation, My Morning Ritual

Coffee and Contemplation, My Morning Ritual

The morning show is just outside my window. Life in the slow lane soaking in the beauty of the sky as I sip my coffee. Pete, my toy poodle, on my lap, peace on my earth at this moment in time.

It all begins with me and my thoughts and intentions, they are of love and appreciation. My white roses and lavender, the reflection of the sky on my table top, reminding me that life is my mirror.

What I see and who I inter-act with is the reflection of my soul showing me, me.

I am choosing thoughts of love and beauty today.

Teresa Rooney

My Window to the World

January 16, 2019
6:30 Am.

This morning looking out my kitchen window a Maxfield
Parrish blue sky with Venus in the Upper corner and another
smaller planet Jupiter, below it to the left, are calling me to look
at them.

The sky is a dark cobalt hue, that grows lighter as it gets
closer the earth.

A silhouette of a tall elegant palm, the most dominant
feature, that I equate to a 1940’s Hollywood starlet, oak,
pine and smaller palms gather around as the supporting cast
of this moment in time.

Each morning my window has a different screen. It changes
as the day progresses. Today, this is my view.

A moth, again in silhouette, flutters close, looking for a
brighter light.

Don’t miss the sunrise, the show is just about to begin.

I sip my coffee and get ready to do my morning stretch, but
my pen wants to write this morning…what is it you want to

Teresa Rooney

Maxfield Parrish  Mountain Ecstasy

Maxfield Parrish

Mountain Ecstasy

Ojai Remembers Aretha


A beautiful tribute to Aretha by Vera Long. Aretha brought so much to so many through her music.

To the East Coast and back...Ojai...home again!

#TheOjaiWay Time flies when you're having fun. I am lucky to live in Ojai and visit my son and family on the East Coast. We had some lovely walks on the beach, enjoying sunsets and bike rides, some grandma time, and of course Pete was the rockstar of the trip.  

Today back in Ojai, it was a good day. During our morning walk we discovered a magic dragon in the Arbolada, and sunflowers in bloom. Pete was still a little road weary from our travels, so he didn't walk much.  

It was a hot day to show homes, but today's hot properties are my clients homes tomorrow.  It's a privilege to live and work in this great community.

Keep cool!


Ojai 4th of July had to be there!

#TheOjaiWay It makes me smile to think about the Ojai 4th of July Parade.  Everyone comes out to see it, lining the street along Ojai Avenue.  It's a home grown parade where the community participates in building the floats and marching, dancing, horse back riding...a celebration of freedom and diversity, here in our town.

Happiness is Ojai.

With love,

Teresa Rooney

July 3rd 2018 Ojai Libbey Bowl

#TheOjaiWay Summer time and the living is easy.  Ojai is steeped in tradition.  One of my favorites starts with a walk from my home into town on the evening of July 3rd.  My companion Pete, an 8lb 4 legged Toy Poodle accompanies me.  We walk to Libbey Park and join in the fun saying hello to our friends new and old, with Pete making his introduction to his fellow 4 legged pals too! We meander past the fountain and play ground, we are heading to the bowl where Summer is officially beginning Ojai style.

The  Ojai Band is performing Armed Forces Salute when we arrive, next up A Celebration of beautiful on a perfect evening...then God Bless America, is sung by our local restauranteur and favorite Italian delicacy Duane Boccali, after he's been slightly roasted in his introduction from Ojai Rotary West's, Steve Frank. Then there is, Star's and Stripes, a raffle with lots of generous goodies donated by our favorite local restaurants and shops, A grand finale that has everyone on their feet clapping...and we say our good bye's until tomorrow.  See you at the July 4th Parade.  

Happiness is Ojai.
With love,

Teresa Rooney


Ojai Deer Lodge

#TheOjaiWay Sunday is funday at the Ojai Deer Lodge on Highway 33.  If you like BBQ and live music... My friend  and I had a great time listening to Amber and Smoke, amazing vocals and guitar, with their renditions of Stairway to Heaven, Landslide, California Dreamin' and more...Only in Ojai!


Happy Father's Day

#TheOjaiWay Father's Day took me on a journey over Highway 33 passing fields of Matilija Poppies and Scotch Broom.  I stopped along the way and took a few photos.  It smelled so fresh and there is water in the stream.  My father, once the School Psychologist of The Ojai Unified School District has retired in a little town at the foothills of the Sequoia's. He's in his late 80's and still as charismatic as ever, living happily ever after with my mother for the past 65 years.  So grateful to celebrate another Father's Day with him.  


Congratulations Grads!

#TheOjaiWay A gorgeous week for graduation and promotion ceremonies. This year Amanda's oldest Stella was promoted this year from Junior High to High School. It was a very thoughtful ceremony that took place at the Nordhoff High Football field, complete with the playing of "Pomp and Circumstance" as the students entered.  I was amazed at the grace and confidence of the the eight grade class of 2018, and how much the kids have grown! Everyone was dressed in their finest. Congratulations



Blink Twice & You'll Miss It - Libbey Park Audio Tour

#TheOjaiWay Welcome to the Ojai Way, a weekly walk about town that explores the different places of interest.

Today we will explore Libbey Park.

When I first moved to Ojai as a teenager my friends and family from the city would come and visit… the joke was, Ojai is a beautiful little town, and if you blink twice while driving through, you’ll miss it!

We wouldn't want you to miss a thing on your visit so here is a little guide to start you on the Ojai Way.

There is only one stop light in down town Ojai, one movie theater, one ice cream shop.  Let’s start there. When you get to the stoplight at Ojai Avenue and Signal Street, turn right just after the Ojai Movie Theater and before the Ojai Post Office.  Park your car, at no charge, and walk across the street to Ojai Ice Cream and get a cone of your favorite flavor.  Cross the street and take a walk under the Pergola.  Enter Libby Park through the arches and find a seat on the grass or on a bench and enjoy.  

What you’ll find here is a lovely square in the middle of the town, typical of the squares you’d see in an old European town or on the East Coast with a fountain in the center. There are Children playing, nannies, young parents and grandparents strolling with babies and children. Usually you’ll find a couple of locals discussing politics and their ideas for changing the world over a cup of coffee, or perhaps an artist with an easel capturing the moment on canvass, or a young person doing homework at a picnic table, or someone playing guitar under the canopy of Oaks.

Libbey Park one of Ojai’s gems was named in honor of Ojai’s greatest benefactor, Edward Libbey of Toledo, Ohio. In 1917 Mr. Libby donated the park to the Ojai Civic Association which in turn signed over the deed on March 2, 1971, to the City of Ojai with the stipulation that the land be used as a park.

The city resolved to call the gift, Libbey Park, in honor of the man that had done so much for the city.

In addition to the great people watching and enjoyment of nature, our Libbey park has a delightful playground for our youth, tennis courts that host the oldest amatuer tennis tournament in the USA, a community bandstand that has local talent play classic Americana music, such as John Philips Sousa  March and musical scores from Broadway, this occurs on Wednesday nights during the summer months.  

Continue on your tour through the park and visit Libbey Bowl, our own out door amphitheater that hosts the Ojai Music Festival, Bowl Full of Blues and other musical venues, plays and community events.  We’ve also had the pleasure of hosting outdoor films such as Twenty Feet From Stardom that had an amazing Q and A featuring the members of the original cast that included  some of the back up singers from the Rolling Stones.  We also had  the pleasure of seeing the classic cult film,  The Rocky Horror Show one evening on the big screen, where the locals came in costume mimicking the roles played in the film.  

In 2011 the bowl was completely renovated and restored and a Unique interactive sculpture designed by Trimpin, a Seattle-based Artist with installed called the Sound Arch.  

At the back of the park you will connect with the Ojai bike and walking trail.  Enjoy your walk.

Talk to you soon,


Welcome to my Ojai World


#TheOjaiWay Real estate your way.

Ojai is a lovely community, nestled against the hills of the Los Padres National Forest, home to Chumash Indians and a hideaway retreat for Hollywood in the 1940's.  Its steeped in history and mystery.  A great place to explore nature, the spiritual journey, art, music, food and more.

Welcome to my world.  I am happy to share my journey of exploration and discovery.  I have been a resident since I was a teenager.  Brought here kicking and screaming, leaving my city life and friends, I thought I had been banished to the far ends of the earth, my Catholic upbringing equating it to purgatory.  Entering high school I found myself thrown in to a new world.  It opened my eyes and my life.

I became aware of nature, the seasons of life, of the night sounds of crickets, the hoot of owl, and the cry of the coyote.

The terrain was different from the city scape and urban sprawl that I was used to.

 The Mediterranean climate, the chaparral, fragrance of sage brush,(cowboy perfume) gracious oak trees, orange groves with an abundance of golden sweet fruit, mountains with names and faces like "Chief Peak", and the lore of the Chumash, the scary tale of Charman, the spiritual teachings of Krishnamurti, the art of Beatrice Wood, the food of Alan Hooker, founder of The Ranch House Resturant, the hot springs in Matilija,  nature walks, fine art galleries, a groovy art center with classes, music, yoga and so much more.  I would love to share my town and its colorful past and present with you.