My Window to the World

January 16, 2019
6:30 Am.

This morning looking out my kitchen window a Maxfield
Parrish blue sky with Venus in the Upper corner and another
smaller planet Jupiter, below it to the left, are calling me to look
at them.

The sky is a dark cobalt hue, that grows lighter as it gets
closer the earth.

A silhouette of a tall elegant palm, the most dominant
feature, that I equate to a 1940’s Hollywood starlet, oak,
pine and smaller palms gather around as the supporting cast
of this moment in time.

Each morning my window has a different screen. It changes
as the day progresses. Today, this is my view.

A moth, again in silhouette, flutters close, looking for a
brighter light.

Don’t miss the sunrise, the show is just about to begin.

I sip my coffee and get ready to do my morning stretch, but
my pen wants to write this morning…what is it you want to

Teresa Rooney

Maxfield Parrish  Mountain Ecstasy

Maxfield Parrish

Mountain Ecstasy