Social Media Egg laying

Mini’s first egg!

Mini’s first egg!

Cloudy skies this morning and a back that is making me wince as I make my way out to feed my chickens Betty and Mini.

I call them my girls...I found a little gift... Mini laid an egg! After all the squawking and fluttering finally arrived.

Mini’s first egg, its light brown, smallish, a perfectly formed oval. I found it in the garden. It made me think of other egg laying we/me/us...all of us individually and collectively lay eggs, on occasion.

My own egg, laying, egg on face learning curve as I zig and zag through the world of Social Media posting is a testament to that...

Betty and Mini in the garden

Betty and Mini in the garden

...getting myself past the temptation to post every little thing as one is tempted to do ... stay focused Teresa!! Not so easy... others, enjoy their successes and open hearted shares... curious and less judgmental...

Learn to laugh at myself... as I get a zinger thrown my the post with photo, from the “male stripper, that likes nice houses too!”

Stay tuned if you like. My Ojai life is rich and full. Not always graceful, but full!

Teresa Rooney

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